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By Wanda Philips 

Editorial: Local Farmers - Dedication and Resilience in Harvest Season

Local Farmers: Dedication and Resilience in Harvest Season

By Jennifer Wendel

Embrace Every Season: Why Each Season Should Be Your Favorite in Iowa

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher/Owner

Iowa. Often characterized by its charming small towns and vast farmlands, boasts a unique blend of all four seasons throughout the year. While it's easy to have a personal preference when it comes to seasons, there are compelling reasons to love each one in the Hawkeye State. From the diverse weather to the season-specific activities, Iowa offers something special every season. Here's why you should consider making each season your favorite.

The Allure of Small-Town Living: Akron, Iowa's Heartwarming Story

By Jennifer Wendel

The Transformative Force of Forgiveness

By Jennifer Wendel

In the intricate fabric of human relationships, conflicts and wrongdoings are inevitable. Yet, it's worth considering the profound power of forgiveness—a power that extends beyond the act itself.

The importance of fall festivals in our favorite communities

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher/Owner

Beyond Expectations: Finding Success Outside the Classroom

By Jennifer Wendel

Iowa's September: A Symphony of Change

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher and Owner

The Remarkable Journey of Women's Sports

Lincoln packs nearly 100,000 people for women's volleyball

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher and Owner

Heat wave scorches Iowa, several break records

Western Iowa hits record 122°F heat index

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher and Owner

Akron newspaper has a new owner for the first time in two decade

Chris Nelson announcing in a public meeting next week new direction for paper

For the first time in 22 years, the Akron Hometowner will have a new owner starting this week.  Chris Nelson, President and CEO of Nelson Media Company, is officially taking over the publication from Dodie Hook, who started the newspaper back in 2001.  It’s his fourth paper he has purchased in the last year, the third in Iowa.  

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