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Submitted by admin on 8 June 2023
Chris Nelson is the President and CEO of Nelson Media Company. Founded in 2020, Chris saw a need for local media marketing and storytelling. As a television meteorologist with nearly a decade in the industry, he harnessed those experiences to quickly grow NMC into an organization that serves clients across the Midwest and the nation. Chris is passionate about helping clients connect with their customers. He describes himself as a visionary and continues to grow the NMC brand, venturing into the newspaper industry in 2021. He believes a voice is important in all communities and is committed to acquiring and revitalizing small town newspapers. Calling it a new era in news reporting, Chris is dedicated to establishing these publications as thriving media hubs and ushering these long-standing papers into the digital age. He is dedicated to transforming the way we perceive media, one community at a time.
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